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Claire Breton

Why pods?

Nature, a place to live, an education and a playground. I grew up in the Vercors with a family close to nature. Biathlete from 1999 to 2014, passionate about my sport and what it made me discover. By being invested in a high-level sportsman's project, I have used and appreciated every corner of the Vercors plateau and especially the ski resorts.

My first tracks on the snow, skis on, were made in the heart of the Rousset pass, like my first treks, trails, nights in bivouac or refuge.
These sports practices made me aware of respect for this territory. This environment shaped me and allowed me to find the strength to go to the end of a sports project, to know myself, to rebuild myself, to orient myself towards my future profession.

The imprint of all these values compose me today.
The Pods are therefore born from a fabulous mix of challenges, contemplation, well-being, renewal and strength that this site inspires me with each visit. My pleasure today is to offer you one or more of these intoxicating remedies to appreciate life, and what we are, or just the calm in this precious place.

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